Sunglasses At Night - Pregaming the 49th Parallel Cup Men

It is a long and winding road between now and the year 2017.

Three long years will simply ferment the simmering feelings of two talented footballing nations who feel that their trips to Melbourne for the International Cup last summer would be largely unfulfilled.  The USA finished 8th, their worst IC finish in history.  Canada finished fifth, their best ever result, but were on the wrong side of the percentage formula and missed out on a chance to play in the semi-finals.

USA Liberty Announce Captains for Parallel Cup

The Freedom and Liberty coaching staff are pleased to announce the Liberty Leadership team for the upcoming 49th Parallel Cup being played in Fort Lauderdale, FL this weekend. 

Lizzie Even who led the the Liberty squad in 2014 at the International Cup will be back in 2015 as our Captain. Her 4th year in the program, Lizzie has developed into a fine leader with plenty of voice on and off the field, and the team will be looking to her come this Friday.

Two vice-captains will serve the Liberty this year:

USAFL Top 20 Poll VI: Here Come the Crows...

Here come the Austin Crows.

Three games in the wind and rain of Wisconsin saw them huff, and puff, and blow down the competition.  They pushed and clawed their way past New York – on the field and on the ladder -- into the #2 spot on the Top 20 poll, but would fall just one point short of overtaking top-ranked Orange County.

Etat D'Soleil - Pregaming the 49th Parallel Cup Women

It says somewhere in a really old book that a lot of people read that one should “love thy neighbor.”  And when it comes to Canada, we do really like our neighbors to the North.  They are great people living in a beautiful country with much better healthcare laws and a lower drinking age than we have here.

2015 49th Parallel Cup - Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA

The 10th renewal of the 49th Parallel Cup carnival comes to the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this weekend.  Nearly 100 athletes representing both nations will take part in a total of four matches over two days – Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st.  The USAFL, in conjunction with AFL Canada, will be streaming all four PC matches live on YouTube.  Both days’ coverage will begin at 5:45pm ET, with Brian Barrish and Denis Ryan leading the commentary team for the weekend.  There will also be live updates on Twitter and Facebook.

Upcoming Events

Jul 31 11:20am 2015 49th Parallel Cup Lauderhill, FL
Jul 31 06:00pm 49th Parallel Cup Men's Development: USA vs Canada Lauderhill, FL
Jul 31 08:00pm 49th Parallel Cup Women's Development: USA Liberty vs Canada Midnight Suns Lauderhill, FL
Aug 01 01:00am Kansas City Power vs Tulsa Buffaloes Kansas City, MO
Aug 01 12:00pm Kansas City Power vs Des Moines Roosters Kansas City, MO
Aug 01 12:00pm Des Moines vs Tulsa Buffaloes Kansas City, MO
Aug 01 01:00pm Seattle Grizzlies vs Portland Steelheads Centralia, WA
Aug 01 04:00pm Ft Lauderdale Fighting Squids vs Atlanta Kookaburras Lauderhill, FL
Aug 01 06:00pm 49th Parallel Cup Women: USA Freedom vs Canada Northern Lights Lauderhill, FL
Aug 01 08:00pm 49th Parallel Cup Men: USA Revolution vs Canada Northwind Lauderhill, FL
Aug 08 12:00pm Nashville Kangaroos vs Louisville Kings Nashville, TN
Aug 08 12:00pm Chicago Swans vs Boston Demons Chicago, IL
Aug 08 12:00pm Nashville Kangaroos vs Baton Rouge Nashville, TN
Aug 08 03:00pm Nashville Tournament Nashville, TN